With deep industry knowledge, an eye for organization, and a smooth design process, Interior Designs by Lisa Z has quickly morphed into an industry-leading firm, transforming outdated spaces into head-turning homes and workplaces. A full-service interior design business, I provide space planning, remodelling, new construction selection, and furnishing services, each met with a contemporary twist.

For me, it’s not enough to cultivate a beautifully executed space. Striking a balance between aesthetic excellence and functionality, combined with my consistent, and transparent communication style, help to ensure that the spaces created are not only practical, but also ones where guest can feel welcome and loved ones can relax.

Bridging the gap between your needs, budget, and most importantly, vision. I pride myself on creating designs that act as a gallery into your personality, by weaving your identity through your interior. Whether you’re seeking a light, airy ‘zen zone’, an opulent family hub, an invigorating workspace, or an inviting ‘home away from home’, my goal is to ensure that your client experience is seamless.

Viewing my role as an extension of your mind, I approach each project with a drive for innovation, to ensure that the final design produces a wow-factor that far exceeds your expectations and leaves you enveloped with a sense of warmth for a lifetime.